The Mississippi Dental Society is the Mississippi Chapter of the National Dental Association.   Mississippi Dental Society was incorporated by the State of Mississippi April 1, 1920.     The Charter members were:

Dr. J.C. Overton, Greenville, MS Dr. C.I. Barnes, Jackson, MS Dr. J.R. Fullilove Clarksdale, MS
Dr. W.S. Atwood, Vicksburg, MS Dr. W.B. Block, Meridian, MS Dr. D.H. Dilworth, Yazoo, MS.

The objectives of Mississippi Dental Society remain to promote the art and science of dentistry; raise the standards of the dental profession, stimulate favorable relations and good fellowship among dentists and with other health professionals; work for the improvement of the health of the community we serve; and work persistently for the elimination of religious and racial discrimination, and segregation from American dental institutions, clinics and organizations.

A first for the MDS was the start of the Mid-Winter Meetings, there was too much business to conduct in just one meeting.  In 1980 the first Mississippi Dental Society Mid-Winter Meeting was held in Jackson, MS.  Also, in 1980 Mississippi became the first state to host the Black Professional Association Meeting uniting Mississippi Dental Society with the Magnolia Bar Association, Inc. (lawyers), Magnolia State Pharmaceutical Society (pharmacists), MS Medical and Surgical Association, Inc. (physicians), Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses’ Association, Inc. and their Auxiliaries for their Annual meeting to be held in May each year.

July 1, 1982, Senate Bill 2762 was signed by then Governor William Winter that appointed 1 member of the State Board of Dental Examiners from the state at large, with the advice and consent of the Senate. Then Mississippi Dental Society president, Roy Irons, DDS and State Representative Isaiah Fredericks with Mississippi Dental Society members met with Governor Winter and agreed that the At Large position would be reserved for a Mississippi Dental Society dentist. 

Mississippi Dental Society State Board of Dental Examiners Past and Present Members:

1982-1986   Clarence B. Clark, D.D.S. 1986-1990   Cottrell Mitchell, D.D.S.
1990-1998   Theodore C. Jones, D.D.S. 1998-2002   Charles E. Leonard, D.D.S.
2002-2008   Thurmond Beasley, D.D.S. 2008-2014   Carl H. Boykin, D.D.S.
2014-Present   Roy Irons, D.D.S.  

Never forgotten are the trailblazing dentists in the forefront finding ways to succeed in the face of great adversity. We are today because of their commitment and determination.
Thank you, Drs. Leon T. Britton, Robert W. Harrison, Pressley Autry, Rev. E.J. Stringer, Warren Inge, Joel Tate, Hobert Kornegay, and Mavis Jones (First female dentist in Mississippi).

Mississippi Dental Society Past and Present Presidents:

John W. Davis, D.D.S. Carl H. Boykin, D.D.S. Andrew Taylor, D.M.D Preston Cobbins, D.D.S.
Theodore C. Jones, D.D.S. John Robinson, D.D.S. Jackie Woods, D.D.S. Anthony Newman, D.M.D, President Elec.
Cottrell C. Mitchell, D.D.S. John A. Patterson, D.D.S. Deran Cathey, D.D.S.  
Roy L. Irons, D.D.S. John Coleman, D.M.D. Roland F. Colom, D.D.S.  
Thurmond Beasley, D.D.S. Brigetta K. Turner, D.D.S. Jeffery Knight, D.D.S.  
Lawrence Naylor, D.D.S. Kenneth Nash, D.D.S. Willie Hill, D.D.S.  
William Nelson, D.D.S. Rose Straughter, D.M.D. Timothy Johnson, D.D.S.